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Hello, I am Ashley.

I am a Software Developer.

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About Me

I am a software developer from Australia, with a passion for hand crafting applications that enable clients to do what they do best.

I believe in designing and developing software that enriches users' lives and enables them to engage in awesome experiences, whether that be on desktop or mobile.

I solve real world problems through the application of software engineering processes and am a recent IT graduate with 6 years' experience in web and software development.

I enjoy learning and applying academic computer science concepts and software engineering processes through developing applications for clients.

You can find some of my projects on GitHub.

Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in working together or networking.


I have recently developed the first iteration of sleek, a Reusable Learning Object generator that will allow users to author unique learning objects on the fly, while being cost effective- potentially saving the client thousands of dollars.

I have also recently built a few web applications with Laravel and Vue.js, including Elite Forum.

Elite Forum is a project that I initiated, to further my front and back-end development skills. Containing all expected forum functionality, including an @mention implementation and private messaging system, the project was successful and provided many hours of development experience.

Another noteworthy application I have recently developed is an extensive data entry application for a sporting club, replacing the administrator's large and difficult tasks with a beautiful and elegant solution. The application simplifies the administrator's daily duties, allowing them to import, collect, query and export crucial data needed throughout the season with ease. Team coaches duties are also simplified via the implementation of reactive JavaScript components for team data entry views.

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  • PHP
  • Java EE
  • SQL
  • Android
  • C
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS & SASS

Frameworks & Tools

  • Laravel
  • Spring & Spring Boot
  • Git
  • Tomcat
  • Vue.js

General Skills

  • Development: experience in a range of languages, tools and environments, from web to mobile, cloud and desktop.
  • Design: designing elegant software from specification to fully fledged solution.
  • Testing: designing and implementing tests to cover all areas of the codebase.
  • Problem solving: using research, algorithms & experience to elegantly solve technical problems.
  • Computer science: passion and interest in understanding complexity and low-level concepts of systems.
  • Learning: always willing to learn new technologies, concepts and processes.
  • Team: thriving in a team environment, and supporting the members and their contributions.
  • Motivation: excellent work ethic & highly motivated to work in all areas of software.
  • Communication: easily conveying ideas and communicating solutions in any environment.
  • Literacy and numeracy: professional report and documentation, as well as calculations are a breeze.

Education & Certification

  • 2013-2017: Bachelor of Information Technology - Charles Darwin University

    Worked on PHP, Java web, mobile web, Android & C projects.

  • 2012-2013: Web Based Technologies Certificate IV - TAFESA

    Worked on Web Design and Development projects.

  • 2011-2012: Information Technology Certificate II - TAFESA

    Worked with computer hardware.

  • 2000-2006: Pembroke College


  • 2018-Current: Deloitte - Analyst | Platform Engineering

  • 2009-2010: On The Run — Peregrine Corporation - Console Operator

    Gained excellent teamwork skills, as well as individual, self-sufficient skills.

  • 2009: Animal Capers — Volunteer Work

    Gained excellent communication and mentoring skills.


Nikolaos Vogiatzis, Software Engineering Australia

Ashley is professional, highly motivated, customer-centric, has the upmost integrity and exceptionally creative and talented! I look forward to working with Ashley for an extremely long time to come.

Pablo Farias Navarro, ZENVA - CEO & Founder

I hired Ashley to write technical tutorials on web development and mobile HTML5 and he did a great job, completed all the requirements in the given timeframe and provided good support afterwards. I'll be working with Ashley again in the future as he is a very talented technical writer and is passionate about it.

Rosemary Pesch, Peregrine Corporation - Training Manager

I am happy to recommend Ashley to any retail business. Ashley worked as a dedicated console operator at our busy BP Croydon site offering exceptional customer service with a warm and friendly can do attitude for customers and team members alike. Ashley resigned when he decided to venture interstate but I, as the Training and Recruitment Manager would have no hesitation in re-instating him if the opportunity presented itself. Rosemary Pesch, Training & Recruitment Manager, Peregrine Corporation (On The Run).